Refresh Your Home Office:

By Rachelle Aurini
February 13, 2020

Tips to Create a Productive and Stylish Space

A neat workspace can reduce anxiety and nurture productivity.

Advancements in telecommuting means more people are working from home. It’s no wonder an office is frequently found on homeowners’ wish lists. Here are some tips to design an inviting and productive space that sparks creativity with style:

Balance form and function: Choose furniture that not only complements the rest of the home but is practical and ergonomic. A minimalist desk might look nice but may become an eyesore if cluttered with computer wires and papers that don’t have a home.

Prioritize productivity: Consider the location of your office. Avoid high traffic areas with lots of noise and distraction. Paint your space a soothing colour like sage green and invest in a comfortable chair.

Organize your space: A neat workspace can reduce anxiety and nurture productivity. Resist the urge to use your office as extra home storage and add organizing solutions such as baskets or trays to keep your space tidy.

Let the Light in: Lamps are a great way to add personality, while also saving your eyes. Modern finishes like brass or hanging industrial fixtures can make a big statement with function.

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