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Back-to-School Home Organization Tips

Written by Rachelle Aurini on September 3, 2019

After a few months of having your kids at home throughout the day, sometimes organization and order go out the window. On top of the other stresses that come with a new school year, a messy house adds just another … Continue Reading

3 Tips to Let Passion Shine Through Your Home Decor

Written by Rachelle Aurini on August 19, 2019

It is easy to get caught up in decorating to fit the current styles in home decor. Instead of focusing on what is ‘in’ right now, consider incorporating your passions and what you love into your decor, so that for … Continue Reading

How to Move with Kids

Written by Rachelle Aurini on June 1, 2019

As if moving isn’t already hard enough, adding your children into the mix can present a whole new challenge. Kids are resilient, but major changes like big moves can be difficult to work through if children aren’t prepared. Depending on … Continue Reading

Trends to Toss

Written by Rachelle Aurini on May 20, 2019

With millennials making up nearly 40% of the home buyers on the market today, up-to-date style is a huge consideration in the buying process. When nearly half of your potential buyers have likely scrolled through Pinterest or watched HGTV more … Continue Reading

Why Rent If You Can Buy

Written by Rachelle Aurini on May 13, 2019

Home ownership rates are the lowest they have been in the last 50 years. A large portion of Canadians are still renting properties, instead of enjoying a home of their own. Consumer reports believe this is an issue because of … Continue Reading

10 Steps to De-clutter Your Kitchen

Written by Rachelle Aurini on May 9, 2019

We are all thankful for the many drawers and cabinets in kitchens today, but they make it easy for us to hide our clutter instead of getting rid of it. If you have reached the point where you can no … Continue Reading

The Best Indoor Trees for your Home

Written by Rachelle Aurini on May 6, 2019

Artificial plants may never die, but having live plants in your home will make your home look and feel better. Nothing brings life into a home better than well-maintained greenery.  Most indoor trees are easy to take care of and … Continue Reading