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Tips to Help You Buy A Home in 2020!

Written by Rachelle Aurini on November 21, 2019

If 2020 is the year for you to buy a home, consider making these 5 New Year’s resolutions to help you be as prepared as possible to become a homeowner.

1. Cut down on monthly subscriptions.

With each month, there is a … Continue Reading


Written by Rachelle Aurini on November 18, 2019

Bathroom tile grout can become quite the headache. Being a high traffic area, it can feel impossible to keep sparkling clean in these areas, especially in mold-prone spots near toilets and tubs. If your grout is looking less-than-fabulous, you can … Continue Reading

Want to Hide Your Litter Box? Create Your Own Kitty Corner!

Written by Rachelle Aurini on October 31, 2019

Create Your Own Kitty Corner

What You’ll Need:

Side tableTwisted jute ropeShort tension rodTwo window valances

1. Using the jute rope, create a scratching post by wrapping the rope around the legs of your side table. This will protect the legs … Continue Reading

How To Handle Downsizing!

Written by Rachelle Aurini on October 7, 2019

Moving itself always has the tendency to sound stressful, but adding downsizing to the mix can seem daunting. There are certain challenges that come with downsizing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be more stressful. By changing the way … Continue Reading

Tricks For Hard-To-Paint Areas

Written by Rachelle Aurini on October 3, 2019

While some DIY projects seem like they should be left for the pros, painting doesn’t have to be one of them. Basic painting seems easy enough, but sometimes we run into those hard-to-paint areas and regret not hiring a professional. … Continue Reading

Back-to-School Home Organization Tips

Written by Rachelle Aurini on September 3, 2019

After a few months of having your kids at home throughout the day, sometimes organization and order go out the window. On top of the other stresses that come with a new school year, a messy house adds just another … Continue Reading

3 Tips to Let Passion Shine Through Your Home Decor

Written by Rachelle Aurini on August 19, 2019

It is easy to get caught up in decorating to fit the current styles in home decor. Instead of focusing on what is ‘in’ right now, consider incorporating your passions and what you love into your decor, so that for … Continue Reading

How to Move with Kids

Written by Rachelle Aurini on June 1, 2019

As if moving isn’t already hard enough, adding your children into the mix can present a whole new challenge. Kids are resilient, but major changes like big moves can be difficult to work through if children aren’t prepared. Depending on … Continue Reading